35 Reasons Why El Rufa’i Should Be Nigeria’s President In 2023

Anyone who pays good attention to the towering profile of Governor Nasir Ahmad Ahmad Elrufai of Kaduna State would readily admit that the man is a goal-getter, a highly-determined and indefatigable leader. He is, above all a very fearless leader when it comes to taking tough decisions. Here are a few more of my reasons why he should be Nigeria’s next President.

  1. He left behind an unbeatable legacy of transforming Abuja into an ultramodern city during his tenure as FCT Minister.
  2. He cut the cost of governance in Kaduna State by reducing his salary, that of his Deputy and generally blocking leakages
  3. He achieved something very spectacular in the area of participatory governance by bringing the masses into Annual Budget planning at Town Hall Meetings
  4. He integrated very young, brilliant men and women in governance – the only one of its kind in the whole country
  5. He created new agencies of government that had never existed before and gave them the freehand to run government in such a way that it removed bureaucratic bottlenecks and fast-tracked the programmes and projects of the State government
  6. He introduced the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ policy to boost the operations of the private sector in the State
  7. He was the first governor in the entire country to implement the new Minimum Wage
  8. He introduced the most modern, legally-backed land policy in Kaduna that helped many to own land based on governments data base records, thereby cutting out speculators and other opportunists
  9. He made KASUPDA far more active as an institution of public service, with amazing results
  10. He pursued very vigorous healthcare delivery policies by upgrading State-owned hospitals with modern equipments such as X-ray machines and such other critical needs
  11. He launched a revenue drive that sent Anambra, Imo and even Ebonyi, Akwa-Ibom and other oil-producing states to the second place in terms of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)
  12. He performed creditably well in the provision of farm inputs, including fertilizer at affordable price for farmers in Kaduna state.
  13. He pursued a vigorous economic and investment policy through Kad-Invest forum in series
  14. He introduced the Sir Kashim Award to promote creativity, innovativeness and patriotic service
  15. He stopped the culture of paying certain communities money to be able to live in peace
  16. He brought an end to the culture of paying people from government coffers for doing nothing other than just being prominent politicians, retired seasoned administrators
  17. He, through policy focus, inspired the young men and women active in partisan politics to venture into other businesses for self-subsistence and treat partisan politics as just a pastime
  18. Elrufai ran the most gender-friendly government in Northern Nigeria by allowing women to aspire upto the rank of Deputy Governor. He also appointed a considerable percentage of women into his government
  19. He devised new means of confronting the over-40- years instability in Southern Kaduna by encouraging the signing of Peace Agreements amongst the leaders of volatile communities.
  20. He spent millions towards equipping the security agencies in Kaduna, especially in the area of logistics and mobility.
  21. He is the first governor in today’s Nigeria to declare no negotiation with terrorists
  22. He sustained the tempo of giving more budgetary attention to Capital projects rather than Recurrent expenditure
  23. He is a champion of e-governance to the point that details about projects, policies and programmes of Kaduna State can be found at the touch of a button as each government agency has its website for easy access and serve as reference source for any research
  24. He encouraged a policy of foreign scholarship for gifted graduates in specialized areas of academic activity
  25. Under his business and investment policy focus, Kaduna became the first State in Northern Nigeria to have a Dry Port worth billions
  26. He brought in Olams Farms and created tens of thousands of jobs, while promoting agriculture as vehicle for food security
  27. He dealt blows on political thuggery thereby making the notorious ‘Yan Shara’ terror gang a thing of the past. He is still fighting a strategic war against urban crimes while simultaneously pursuing urban renewal
  28. He strategically retained the unity of the ruling political party (the APC) in Kaduna State despite the efforts of some powerful forces to rip it apart in the period leading up to the 2019 general elections
  29. He ensured the full independence of the state legislature via a policy of executive non-interference
  30. He introduced standard practice in the award of contracts and payments and monitoring and evaluation policy
  31. He made Kaduna the hub of ICT, inspiring tens of thousands of young people to engage in ICT business with lessened tax requirements and grants in aid
  32. He was the first Nigerian governor to apply lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 spread in Nigeria, making Kaduna the very best State in the fight against the pandemic
  33. Market development policy that raised the standards of shops to ultramodern levels and boosting the revenue of that sector is a pioneer effort
  34. Boosting sports and sporting activities by organizing series of statewide competitions
  35. Giving full details of government’s activities periodically on TV and Radio in the spirit of public accountability and transparency, regularly under the Media Chat platform
  36. Pursuing vigorous policy of organizing articulated vehicles parks, especially at Tafa and Maraban Jos.

This List was compiled by Nuhu Muhammad Marghi, a Kaduna telecoms businessman

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